Huge win can put Sharks back in Cup talk

22 Feb
Sad shark swimming in ocean.

A loss to Chicago would put San Jose 0-3 against the Hawks this season.

I am so ready for this game. The Sharks have a chance tonight fully show the world that this team is indeed a heavyweight in the NHL. And there’s one way they can do it.

BEAT THE MOTHER LOVING CRAP OUT OF THE CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS TONIGHT. I’m talking about a beat down that sends Kane home sulking, Toews in angry cat mode, and Hossa feeling like he was back in his first Cup final.

Tall order? Yes. Possible? Absolutely. Likely? Meh…probably not so much.

If we can all see a Sharks team come out of the gate with a butt ton of energy (a valid measure of science), visibly thirsty for a win, and are able to take it to Chicago decisively, in their house, well, then, we’ve got ourselves a Cup contender. Anything less will be ripe for excuses or luck.

“Well, Chicago had to lose at some point, right?”

“It was pretty close, really. That happens all the time.”

“It just wasn’t Chicago’s night. The Sharks just had some luck on their side.”

The only way to silence those voices is to come out and completely whoop the Hawks to the tune of about 6-2 (sound familiar?).

Look, I know it’s unlikely, and the Hawks have shown all season that they are just too good to be taken down in that way. But if this is a playoff series, the Sharks are looking at the difference between a manageable 2-1 hole vs. a crap tank of 3-0. I’ve already made my inaccurate prediction for this game, so I won’t bother going down that road again.

Sharks need a win. But for the sake of the team, let’s hope it’s a huge one.


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