Just a city boy, born and raised in…wait, what?

28 Feb

Henrik Zetterberg goes up against Antti Niemi.

I find it ironic that Detroit’s epic anthem that they blast in Joe Louis Arena to cheer on their Red Wings is actually sung by a band from the Bay Area. I’m sorry, boys, but Journey’s allegiances lie here (“Oh I want to be there, in my city, by the bay”).

Enough 80s rock, let’s talk hockey. The Detroit Red Wings are coming into town after losing 2-1 to the L.A. Kings in a game where our favorite Sharks announcers, Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda, called the game for NBC Sports Network. I thought the guys did well, and hope we don’t lose them. Sharks games wouldn’t be the same without them.

The question coming in to this game of course is the same question we’ve all been asking the past month. Can the Sharks offense finally get rolling and score some fucking goals? And can they get the power play going again? I mean, Christ, something’s got to give soon.

Speaking of the power play, I actually thought the PP looked much improved last game against the Avs. There was movement, both with and away from the puck, a lot of shots to the net, and good passing. Alas, nothing fell in. That needs to change tonight, and I think it will.

Ryane Clowe is coming back tonight as well, after serving his two-game suspension for instigating a fight with Chicago-area douchebag, Andrew Shaw. His impact? Well, who knows with this guy. Hopefully, he’ll be well rested, and able to use his body to shut down some of these pesky Detroit forwards.

And speaking of Detroit forwards, tonight we get the pleasure of seeing Pavel Datsyuk in all his Datsyuk-ian glory. As much as I despise the Red Wings, it’s hard not to love this guy. He’s so good in all ends of the ice, and it should be a great matchup of heavyweights between him and Thornton.

I’m looking for a close, physical game again tonight, against two teams who just really don’t like each other.

(Inaccurate) Prediction: Sharks take it 2-1, taking a page from the Kings’ playbook. And fuck it, Clowe gets his first of the season tonight, why not?


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