Sharks lose again; it might be time to make some changes.

1 Mar

The Sharks lost again, dropping one against Detroit 2-1 in another goddamn shootout. They are in a tailspin. It’s time to shake it up, and make some moves.

Editor’s Note: I wanted to make a Saturday Night Fever reference here, but then I’d have to wait until tomorrow. It’s probably for the best.

The best explanation of this game’s letdown comes from Fear The Fin’s game preview:

“Bottom line, things are slanted favorably to the Sharks in this game. San Jose will be facing a team they’ve beaten up on lately, that’s pretty banged up, on the second night of a back-to-back swing, against their back-up netminder. You couldn’t write a better prescription for an anemic offense.”

Obviously, things don’t seem to go well for the Sharks against backup goaltenders. You can read Fear the Fin’s full game recap here.

Bottom line, the Sharks are awful right now. They’re currently sitting at 9th place in the Western Conference, after starting the season 7-0-0. Seriously, what the fuck happened to this team?

It’s time. I’m ready to see some players moved, see the team get shaken up a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love this team, and I love the players. I just love watching them win more. These 1 goal, 2 goal games aren’t going to cut it anymore. Let’s go, DW. Get it done.

Editor’s Note: Just don’t move Pavelski, please. That would make a sad day much, much sadder.

Alright, maybe I’m being unfair, but this is absurd. The Sharks (and Sharks media) can run around talking about how it’s so hard to score in the NHL these days, how goalie equipment is too large, and how the rules are set up to inhibit scoring, but let’s face it. Other teams aren’t having a problem scoring goals.

Look at the total goals from all of the other games from Thursday (I’m including goals from the winners and losers, so it’s not just about how many you can rack up in a win).

Ottawa @ Boston – 3 goals
Toronto @ NY Islanders – 9 goals
Tampa Bay @ NY Rangers – 5 goals
Pittsburgh @ Carolina – 5 goals
Buffalo @ Florida – 6 goals (7 if you include shootout)
New Jersey @ Winnipeg – 4 goals
Chicago @ St. Louis – 3 goals (all CHI)
Edmonton @ Dallas – 6 goals
Calgary @ Colorado – 9 goals
Minnesota @ Phoenix – 7 goals
Detroit @ San Jose – 3 goals

I’m so frustrated watching these games that I don’t even know what to say anymore. I’ve been telling my cats all season that Thornton needs to shoot the puck more, everybody needs to get in front of the net, and Havlat needs to skate instead of playing stuck in the mud. I’m not interested in calling out players, especially considering they can do amazing things that I can’t ever dream of.

But I’m tired. And just in time for what looks to be another boring matchup against Nashville.

Yay Sharks.


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