In Video: Why I can’t stand the Vancouver Canucks

5 Mar

While explaining to my girlfriend the level of hatred I have for certain NHL teams, I referred to the Vancouver Canucks as a team that I “hate more than the Kings, and less than the Ducks.”

 In an attempt to further clarify this statement, and in honor of the second matchup between the Sharks and Canucks this season, I present you with video evidence as to why I dislike the Canucks.

Editorial Note: I am aware that many people dislike the Sharks for some of the same reasons, to which I do not care. Jumbo trolling on Henrik is hilarious.

They’re Dirty

And who could forget this gem?

They’re Divers

Possibly the biggest piece of embellishment to ever take place…

Another great Kesler dive…

And Dammit, They’re Good

Plus It’s Hard to Let This One Go

Let’s go Sharks!


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