What’s the deal with the San Jose Sharks? (Seinfeld Edition)

13 Mar

The Sharks aren’t looking so good these days. And whenever I’m feeling blue, I like to throw on some old episodes of Seinfeld to see what lessons I can apply to the situation.

After some extensive research, here are some helpful points that I’ve found.

The Sharks players are probably feeling the same way Kramer is right about now.

After another agonizing loss, we, the fans, are left to find ways to cope.

But no matter what, we’ve got to support our team, through the ups and the downs.

Even when it feels like we’re just rooting for shirts.

The coaching staff has been under scrutiny this season, which I believe is unwarranted. However, it never hurts to bring in an expert.

Or maybe it’s time that GM Doug Wilson had a stern talking to.

If all else fails, maybe it’s time to just go against all your instincts. Who knows what could happen?

After all, if this season doesn’t work out, I’m sure players could find a summer internship.

Or a job in sales.

But if the Sharks continue down this path, and we’re left looking at another early playoff exit, or missing out on the playoffs altogether, it might be best to just forget this season altogether.


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