Sharks Season Predictions Follow-Up

17 Aug

Last season, I made predictions about the Sharks and the NHL in general, and mainly I did pretty bad. Here’s a quick look back at my predictions and what actually happened.

Prediction Number 1: Joe Pavelski will be the new Sharks captain.

We all know how that one turned out. 4 As, no C. That’s supposedly going to change this season, so maybe I’ll re-use this one.

Prediction Number 2: The Sharks will continue to publicly alienate both Thornton and Marleau.

Eh, not really. It was pretty obvious that there was tension, and the whole “Doug needs to shut his mouth” thing from Jumbo, there wasn’t much. But you could tell it was wearing on the team privately.

Prediction Number 3: Vancouver won’t suck nearly as much.

Hey, I got one right! Although it wasn’t going to be hard to top their Tortorella-level shittiness. I did predict that they’d end up no higher than 4th in the Pacific though. They finished 2nd. I also predicted that the Sharks would beat them in every regular season match-up. The Sharks ended up 2-3-0 against them. So…wrong!

Prediction Number 4: The Ducks will win the Pacific, again.

Yep. Nailed it. Although that one wasn’t that bold of a prediction.

Prediction Number 5: The Sharks will finish 2nd in the Pacific.

Nope. Not even close.

Prediction Number 6: The Avalanche will struggle this year.

Remember two seasons ago when Patrick Roy led the Avalanche to the playoffs in his rookie season as coach? That was fun. They were due to regress, but I had no idea just how far they would fall last season.

Prediction Number 7: The Blackhawks will win the West.

Another one right. Although I thought they’d beat the Kings to get there.

Prediction Number 8: The Penguins will win the Cup.

HAHAHA what was I thinking?!? The way things are going in Pittsburgh, those fools will never win another one.

And, finally…for your viewing pleasure. My final predictions by division, with actual standings in red:


Ducks                     Ducks
Sharks                    Canucks
Kings                      Flames (who would have seen this one coming?)
Canucks                 Kings
Oilers                     Sharks
Coyotes                  Oilers
Flames                   Coyotes

Total: 1/7


Blackhawks           Blues
Stars                       Predators
Blues                      Blackhawks
Avalanche             Wild
Predators              Jets
Wild                       Stars (what a disappointment)
Jets                         Avalanche

Total: 0/8


Lightning               Canadiens
Bruins                     Lightning
Canadiens              Red Wings (will these guys ever not be competitive?)
Maple Leafs           Senators
Red Wings             Bruins
Senators                 Panthers
Panthers                 Maple Leafs (will these guys ever be competitive?)
Sabres                     Sabres

Total: 1/8 (thanks, Buffalo!)


Penguins                Rangers
Rangers                  Capitals
Islanders                Islanders
Capitals                  Penguins
Devils                     Blue Jackets
Blue Jackets          Flyers
Flyers                      Devils
Hurricanes             Hurricanes

Total: 2/8

Not my best showing, but don’t worry. I have another season to get all my predictions wrong. Check back next week.


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