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A Postseason Introspective

29 Apr

NHL Playoffs 2013 logo

A Sharks postseason is a lot like a Christopher Nolan movie: deep, entertaining, and always falling short of the biggest prize.

In 2008, The Dark Knight was released, breaking box office records in the process. Then after the tragic death of Heath Ledger, the movie was snubbed for an Oscar, not even garnering a nomination for Best Picture.

In 2008-2009, the Sharks won the President’s Trophy, finishing the season with 117 points, the most in Pacific Division history. Then they got bounced by the Disney on Ice, the Anaheim Ducks, in six games. And that was without Emilio.

In 2010, Christopher Nolan released Inception, an intense thriller that followed a team of extractors exploring the deep subconscious of people while dreaming. The movie had it all: an Oscar-winning leading man, a great supporting cast, a brilliant director, and a big budget. Yet, still no Oscar. It got beat out by The King’s Speech, a movie about a man unprepared for the throne.

In 2010-2011, the Sharks named the gold medalist and Art Ross and Hart Trophy-winning badass, Joe Thornton, as their new captain. They won the Pacific (again), then beat the Kings and beat the Red Wings in epic fashion. However, it was in the Western Conference Finals that a bad dream became a reality, with the Sharks losing to a team unprepared for King Stanley’s throne.

Here’s hoping that this postseason is more like Man of Steel, a movie about a man with enough super human strength to defeat a whale, duck, king, bear, penguin, whatever.

Let’s just hope the Sharks don’t play the Seattle Kryptonite.

Since the Sharks don’t play until Wednesday, here’s a preview of Man of Steel, which looks awesome.