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The case for Todd McClellan: Can we cool down his seat now?

4 Mar

todd mcclellan

In case you haven’t heard, Todd McClellan’s seat as head coach has been getting warmer with each subsequent struggle. After the Sharks started out the season 7-0-0, expectations were high. Then when the Sharks took their season in the exact opposite direction, people were understandably worried. But the disappointments of this season are not McClellan’s fault.

Let me say that again. The disappointments from this season are not Todd McClellan’s fault.

Since coming on as head coach in 2008, he has led the Sharks to a President’s Trophy, turned Joe Thornton (along with Pavelski and Couture) into dangerous 2-way players, and gotten his team into the playoffs every season he’s been on board.

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Who is at fault for Sharks current woes?

26 Feb

sad shark. can't score on mediocre goaltenders

Let’s face it. The Sharks stink right now. They can’t get away shots, they can’t protect the puck, and they can’t out-skate anybody. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, they’re having trouble scoring goals.

So who’s to blame? It’s human nature to want to blame someone; to point a finger and yell “IT’S YOUR FAULT!” as we struggle opening another bag of Doritos through our tears.

And I can’t take it anymore, I want a scapegoat, damn it. So who is it?

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